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Fic: Sleepless Long Nights

Media: Fic
Title: Sleepless Long Nights
Fandom: Glee, Kurt/Blaine
Rating: Ranges from PG to R
Spoilers: None. I can't for the life of me write show canon.
Warnings: Mentions of sex, cursing
Word Count: 4,881
Summary: Five ficlets based on the words abscond, affectation, ambuscade, anachronism, and aria. Otherwise, five ficlets in which the boys are naughty, Kurt is guarded, Blaine has caffeine, someone is desperately misplaced, and Kurt is tired of going it alone.
Disclaimer: I do not own Glee or anything affiliated with it. In other words, I have no life and like to use other people's creations to write stories to amuse myself and others for fun and not profit.

A/N: So, this is sort of a weird meme I made up to inspire myself to write. I was studying SAT vocabulary and realized the words were basically one-word prompts for fic. I went through my list of words beginning with A, chose 5 random terms, and wrote.

I'm hoping this becomes a thing where I can write through the whole alphabet, totaling up about 130 words, but knowing me...probably not gonna happen.

Word definitions from The Gruber SAT 3,400 Word List, Oxford American Dictionaries, and Merriam-Webster. Title lovingly ripped from Feist's "1234".

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Media: Fic
Title: Nothing Really Matters
Fandom: Glee, Kurt/Blaine
Rating: PG-13
Spoilers: Very, very vague spoilers for New York
Warnings: A bit of emotionally heavy material, but nothing that would be too bad; vague homophobia, lots of long and winding possibly run-on sentences, extreme attempts at poeticism
Word Count: 1,273
Summary: Kurt and Blaine in the future, living less than fabulously in New York City. Kurt has a late-night reflection on his current state of living.

A/N: Fic I wrote on a burst of late-night inspiration with little editing. I seem to have a thing for mildly angsty starving-artist ‘verses.

Some days, Kurt Hummel questions his life choices.Collapse )

Fic: Crazy 8 (American Idol S7: Cookleta)

Title: Crazy 8
Author: duckybusiness08
Summary: a series of 8 iTunes ficlets that I typed out on my iPhone notes. Ranges from fluffy to lulzy to sexy to intense.
Rating: G-Hard R depending on the song I'm writing for.
Word Count: damned if I know 1530 :D :D :D
Warnings: implied non-con, suggested character death, implied sexual content depending on how deeply you read into it
Disclaimer: Nothing belongs to me except plotlines and writing. Recognizable characters are not mine, I don't know them. The songs are not mine and belong to specified artists, blah blah blah. Basically, this is just for fun. No need to get your copyrights in a twist, bb.
A/N: Yes, I realize that 3 of the 8 ficlets are based on Madonna songs. Hush, I love that woman.
Yeah, so the one time I get into a writing mood I am away from an accessible computer so I'm forced to use my iPhone's teeny keyboard, and yeah, my thumbs and fingers hurt. I think I have carpal tunnel.
Also, it's been a while and I'm on my phone so excuse any HTML fail. :]

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Title: The Doctor Is In
Rating: PG
Warning: Will probably never be continued/finished lol
Summary: From this wintergameskink prompt:
Warning: looooooooooong prompt is long and cracky. Forgive me :(

A lot of people have been using "DW" to indicate their interest in a prompt lately, which has made me think of that other thing that the acronym can stand for. SO!

Doctor Who AU/Crossover! Johnny Weir is a Time Lord! Yu-Na (or Ksenia) is his awesome, brilliant companion! And Evan is the random guy they saved that one time who ended up tagging along for adventures across time and space!

How is this possible? I don't know. Maybe Johnny Chameleon Arch'd himself to escape the Time War, and he gave the fob watch to Galina, who he'd met before and had always rather liked. Since she has to stay near him, she nudges him into figure skating, and he does that for a while until Galina senses that, after Vancouver, he's ready to become himself again.

Or maybe this is a complete AU, and they've never skated at all. Maybe Johnny heard so many stories about Earth from the Doctor that he decided to steal a TARDIS and find out for himself. Maybe he is the Doctor (let's just call him Twelve), deciding to check out some countries that aren't Britain for a change. Maybe Johnny's TARDIS got stuck as an ice rink, and yet it is still, somehow, bigger on the inside.

So yeah, plenty of free reign here. I just want something set in, or rubbing shoulders with the Whoniverse, where Johnny's the diva bitch Time Lord from hell. Or something.

A/N: Bah.

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Title: The Secondhand Pocket Watch
Author: duckybusiness08
Rating: PG
Word Count: 925
Prompt: My tutor gave me the prompt: Write a short story based on the title The Secondhand Pocket Watch.
Summary: Everything has a story behind it.
Disclaimer: Not slash or fan fiction of any kind. It's an original story by me. However, it is based off a certain story which I will credit at the end; otherwise, it will spoil the story. May be used to gain profit. ;)
A/N: Even though it is not fan fiction, I'd like it if you read and commented on it. I think it's a pretty cute story and a great tale of serendipity. :)

You leave the pawn shop, the pocket watch sitting in its package...Collapse )
Title: The Unnamed Love
Author: duckybusiness08 /Ducky
Fandom: American Idol Season 7
Pairing: Cookleta
Beta: I am my own editor. All mistakes are mine.
Word Count: 833 --oh pitiful.
Summary: You wonder why you do this.
Rating: PG-13
Categories: Fluff, AU
Warnings: References to sex
Disclaimer: The Davids don't belong to me but setting, plot, etc. are mine. God, I'm so tired, don't make me do this.
A/N: I was musing over NaNoWriMo and reading Sandra Cisneros' The House on Mango Street and I got an idea for this. It was written on sheer impulse --again. Oh self.
I'm pretty much imitating Sandra's style of writing, which is why you will find a lack of quotation marks in the story. :)

This will be public for two weeks, then I'm f-locking it.

 Title: Glorious Day
duckybusiness08 /Ducky
American Idol Season 7
David Archuleta/David Cook
I am my own editor. All mistakes are my fault.
Word Count:
1353 words
Mothers always figure it out.
Flangst (Fluff and Angst)
Chances of crappiness b/c I wrote this in one day on an impulse.
Any recognizable characters mentioned in the story are not mine. I do not have any presiding authority over American Idol and the like, but the plot and writing are all mine. Should anything that happens in the story somehow occur in real life, I disclaim any responsibility that I may be accused of in relation to the event(s).
I decided to do a birthday ficlet for everyone here at Cookleta with November birthdays. IDK why, I just felt like it. Don't question me. ;)

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